In what year did Abner's son William, go to Menard County, Ill, and re-aquire the 1860 "Sliding" machine from Mr Wetters? In what year did the Patent and documents join the typewriter in Los Angeles?

Where does Abner's 1860 typewriter stand as to "Earliest Existing American Typewriters"? Exactly how many machines still survive that predate his 1860 machine?

What became of Abner's 6 other typewriters? Do any still exist?

The Peeler "Patent" machine was turned in to the Patent office as a patent model. They do not have it. Where is it now?

Are there any other Peeler letters in existence? Peeler's "Prospects are good, I feel splendid" letter was typed on June 19, 1866. In Dec. 2003, the Fort Dodge Public Library sent me a copy of another, typed a few weeks later, Peeler's "Patent in a few days, I FEEL BULLISH" letter. Where are the other letters?

Do the 8 Abnerisks signify "Peeler letter number 8"? 

What is the composition of the stain on the 1866 letter? The 1866 machine used a form of lamp black carbon paper, rather than ink. Is it an ink stain, is it a blood stain, what is it?

The letter sheet is very very thin, and the type face is extremely fine, as Abner had training as a jeweller, and was capable of such fine work. Should the letter be sent to a museum conservator to have the stain lightened, in order to reveal the Abnerisk symbols? Or would it be better to leave it alone?

If, after it has been analyzed, the letter stain does turn out to be a blood stain:
1. Would it most likely be Abner Peeler's blood?
2. Could the blood be verified to be Abner's, using modern DNA testing?
3. Can blood this old, on paper this thin, be tested for DNA?
4. Would the removal of material for testing, do any damage the letter?